Victoria’s best bike trails and tracks

Throughout Victoria there are many excellent trail networks where you can take a bike and soak up nature for fitness or adrenaline rush. Michigan is full of easy bike trails like the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail shown above. Many of Michigan’s bike paths are built on former railroad tracks and will take you smoothly through rural areas and small towns. Of course, Michigan also has its own challenging mountain bike trails for advanced users, such as the Copper Harbor trails at UP, where, for example, Flow offers some three miles of spectacular steep descent.

For a longer trip, consider the scenic BayZil Trail South Haven. Some critics say the railway is more suitable for mountain biking because of its gravel surface, but Jim Martin, owner of Victoria Retreat B&B in South Haven, believes the owner of Victoria Retreat B&B in South Haven Jim Martin thought it was an easy ride. Jim Martin of Victoria Resort B&B & Cottages recommends a short drive along the cobblestone path at the 4.5-mile South Haven branch of the Van Buren Trail State Park. Bring your bike when you stop at Oak Creek Lodge in Bannister so you can experience this 11-mile paved trail in southern Saginaw County. 

This cycle path loop starts and ends at Gels Park with its playgrounds and the extensive parks of Gels Park. Another popular bike path with flat roads and a dedicated bike path, perfect for family bike rides. You can rent bicycles right in the park. 

This cycle path loop is mostly flat and closed, with a section of gravel to the south along the Merry Creek trail. Highlights of this cycle path loop include Chesterfield Farm, Coomba Park, and the wetlands of Bushy Park.

Mountain bike trails run around Listerfield Lake, and Listerfield Park offers a wide range of trails suitable for cross-country and mountain biking in the natural environment. A longtime favorite of Melbourne mountain bikers, Lysterfield Park offers 24 kilometers of trails suitable for beginners and experienced cyclists alike. Forrest, there are 16 routes to choose from. 

With an incredible variety of trails, Arthur’s Seat State Park is a must-see for discerning mountain bikers. A trail with something for everyone, which is why U-Yang Regional Park is our number one destination. Not only does Victoria have some of the finest architecture in Canada (which certainly makes walking around the city fun), Victoria is also home to numerous parks teeming with trails.

Whether you’re into Victoria’s toughest climb or riding the dirt trail, you’ll find it here. Your next adventure awaits as you discover some of Victoria’s great cycling trails. Home to half of Victoria’s recognized mountain biking trails, from cross-country trails for all abilities to single trails and flow trails, Victoria High Country is the new frontier of mountain biking. 

Take a winding journey along one of the region’s breathtaking railroad trails – from Murray to the mountains, the Highland Railway or the Great Victorian Railway. Whether you are traveling on foot, on horseback or on two wheels, Victoria’s many rail routes provide the perfect opportunity to explore the region at your own pace. Many of the rides run on paths, which make the bike trails especially good as the slopes are limited. Sometimes using the bike lanes near me is faster than driving or using public transport (we can get to the Docklands area in 15 minutes).

Since we live in Footscray, the bike paths near me include meeting up with the Capital City trail at Mooney Ponds Creek and then descending into the Docklands, South Bank and CBD. Melbourne is a city that is really suitable for cyclists. It boasts bike paths and trails, as well as a number of trails around the central business district. The Melbourne Metropolitan Trail sometimes gets a bad rap for MAMILS (middle-aged men in lycra) racing the trail, but to be honest, most of them take the road because the general route is too slow for them.

The E&N rail trail passes through Vic West and Esquimalt and is almost completely off the road. It is a mostly flat paved walking and cycling path that follows the former railway line from Esquimalt to Langford, with some sections still to be completed (currently 12 km but will be 17 km when completed). The E&N rail route passes through farmland in the center and north of Saanich, following the east coast of the Saanich peninsula.

Saanich countryside, wooded areas, mansions, the ocean near you and views of the San Juan Islands and Mount Baker – from the city centre, the Lochside Trail takes approximately 1.25 hours / 23 km to get to Sea Cider, just 1 More hours / 21 km to get to the island view. Beaches and 1.5 hours/28km to Sydney. Fortunately, South Vancouver Island has some impressive bike paths. The Great Alpine Road takes you to the rooftops of Victoria, including one of Australia’s most challenging and iconic climbs, Mount Hotham, Australia. 

If you’re looking for a mountain biking experience, the Manly Dam Mountain Track is a fast track, only about 10 kilometers (just over 6 miles), but the rugged terrain, tight turns, and descents galore make it an unforgettable experience. . The Ruffey Trail is a short 3km Melbourne bike trail of enclosed trails in the fantastic Ruffey Lake Park. The Maribyrnong River Trail includes cycle paths that West Melbourne residents will use to travel between important locations. 

We’ve put together a detailed guide to planning your trip to Victoria with local tips on where to stay, where to eat, the best things to do and of course the best road bike routes.